Jay's Adventure Time

Vlog Entry 009 : Decided to get my diving license this summer, here's what happened.

Vlog Entry 008 : I'm craving Chipotle so there it is.. how to make Chipotle topping, salad whatever you call it recipe. 

Vlog Entry 007 : Took a short trip back home to Taichung, it's always good to spend quality time with families.

Vlog Entry 006 : This is a tutorial of how to make a home for a hamster. Wait till the end... the fluffy cute hamster isn't as cute and friendly as he appears to be...

Vlog Entry 005 : Today my friend Fred took us to a stinky beach, climbed a really high wall and we watch a horse running in the sunset by the beach. And Fred also plays the trumpet.

Vlog Entry 004 : Today my friend Josh is visiting my new apartment, we ate some steak then went to the beach to become a fisherman. 

Vlog Entry 003 : Today calls for a celebration ! My nephew has arrived, brand new baby boy !

Vlog Entry 002 : We took a trip to Bali from Tamsui Taipei Taiwan. The weather was bad but we still make the best of it.

Vlog Entry 001 : June 21st the international skateboard day, we had some fun skating around Taichung city, Taiwan.