hello !

My name is Jay Chang

I am a designer specialize in product and visual design. I was born in Taiwan received my high school and college education in the U.S. , and currently living in Taichung, Taiwan. I attended Cleveland Institute of Art where I equipped my passion for design, and pursued my dreams in the field of design.

I am a designer on weekdays and an active explorer on weekends. It is my interest to explore the unknown, which ranges from an off path mountain hike or an attempt to swim to an offshore island.  I like to think out of the box, to explore different possibilities in accomplishing things. I love to connect the dots of what seems to be two total contrasting issues and find their similarities. I find it fascinating on how different ideas clash together through meaningful conversations and discussions and often times gives birth to brilliant brand new ideas.  Isn't that how the universe was created ? I believe that everything there are and ever will exist are out there, we just have to be keen in observation and inspirit them through creativity and seasoned experiences.  And that's my belief on the foundation of design.



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